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2019 Over The Edge

2019 Rappel after Dark


…Standing on the roof of a 7-story building, overlooking Cedar Rapids. Thousands of people below you are attending Market After Dark, cheering as you step onto the ledge. It’s after sunset but the full moon and spotlights are lighting up the wall you are about to walk down. This is a thrilling experience that will challenge you in ways you don’t even realize!
Most days, we strive to stay comfortable and living within our comfort zone. But rappelling over a building is a chance to prove to yourself and others that you can accomplish anything!

What is Over The Edge?

Over the Edge is a unique fundraising event, providing participants with the thrilling opportunity of rappelling down the Iowa building. The highly experienced team makes this exciting experience completely safe!

EVENT DATE: AUGUST 24, 4:00 - 10:00 PM
LOCATION: 411 3rd Street SE, Cedar Rapids, IA

The Bigger Story

There’s a bigger story occurring here… Iowa teens are in crisis. From suicide to substance abuse, teens are learning to deal with the challenges in their lives however they can. Here at Heartland Youth for Christ, we are on a mission to walk with them and show them the Good News that Jesus Christ offers in and through these difficult times.

Who Can Participate?

Anyone who has guts and raises a minimum of $1000 can rappel. Participants must weigh under 300 lbs.

Teams from your business or organization not only get the opportunity to rappel but also have the option to participate in Lead to The Edge. This is an EXCLUSIVE leadership training session on Tuesday, August 27th.

What Training/Experience Do I Need?

None whatsoever! All training necessary will be provided the day of the event.

Teams and Walkers

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