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The Solution

"I have come to seek and to save that which is lost" -Jesus

The Gospel of Jesus Christ is the only real solution to the problem we see across our world, as highlighted in the statistics above. Many social approaches have been applied to the problems of incarceration, pregnancy, drugs, alcohol, etc. among teenagers-most with good intention, but they fall short of the real, lasting change necessary to make a meaningful impact.

Three objectives make a significant impact against the issues that plague young people today - restored communities, strengthened relationships, and empowered youth. These are strategies rooted in the Bible. Gospel principles applied to the challenges facing youth today makes an eternal impact,m including a reduction in recidivism by 55% when young people are paired with the stability of a loving adult mentor. 

Youth for Christ is committed to healing our communities, valuing young people and pursuing healthy relationships by making Christ's love and the gospel message visible in the lives of youth across the United States. to reach one million kids a year with this powerful message, we must overcome one key limitation: resources-time, talent, and treasure. 


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